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Want To Make A Donation?

     The Ivancich, Martin, & Costis Youth Foundation is proud to be able to make contributions to various entities on an "as needs basis". If someone comes to our foundation and they have a dilemma involvoing youth we like to be able to give immediate relief. The we believe very strongly in taking a hands on approach to helping youth in need in East CCC communitties and beyond. By listening to leaders in our community, such as Principal Bolio at Marsh Elementary, we are able to become very aware of how important just a small amount of help can be to many of these schools, organizations, etc.

     While we are  very active in this way and are excited to continue our contributions, our foundation also recognizes how important it is that we receive support as well. The Ivancich, Martin, & Costis Youth Foundation would like to be able to help everyone who reaches out to our organization, but the fact is, we cannot. We have a limited amount of funding available to support those asking for help. However, with the support of our local community, grassroots organizations, and businesses both small and large, we can provide lasting support to those in need.

     The Ivancich, Martin, & Costis Youth Foundation is very appreciative of any support we are able to receive; however, support can come in a multitude of ways, not merely monetary:

     Community Service

     The Ivancich, Martin, & Costis Youth Foundation hosts multiple events throughout the year and we are always looking for help in the form of volunteer work. This work does count as community service, and we would be more than happy to provide a letter that confirms any hours worked.


     Product Donations

     TheIvancich, Martin, & Costis Youth Foundation is very excited about its Backpack and school supply giveaway. Donations,

     such as school supplies, backpacks, or raffle items we can use at our fundraisers are always a welcome and  are tax deductible.


     The Ivancich, Martin, & Costis Youth Foundation offers sponsorship opprotunities to those interested in advertising their business or name to the public. Our foundation hosts multiple events throughout the year where we proudly display large banners acknowledging our faithful sponsors. We also promote our sponsors on our website as well as in our Newsletter and other promotional items that go out to the public. If a donation of $250 or more is made to our organization, we will utilize any information provided to us to promote a business throughout the year.

Of course, as a 501 (c) (3), non-profit organization, all monetary donations are tax-deductible and if a donation is made, a Thank You letter and Tax-Receipt is mailed immediately to the donor.

Donate using PayPal

If you would like to make a donation, but would like the donation to be used towards a specific Project or Program, please select the "Donate" button with your preferred donation amount. To ensure your donation goes towards your preferred project, please make a note using PayPal's

"Add Special Instructions to Recipient" box which appears next to your total and simply type "Stuff the Bus give away" or "High School Art Show Projects", etc. 

     If you would like to become a sponsor, please e-mail Marisa Wilberding at: and indicate where you would like your sponsorship money to be alotted. If you have any difficulties or cannot use PayPal to make a donation, please follow the instructions for mailing donations to our office. Donations made by mail can be any amount.

Thomas M. Pegnim Memorial Scholarship Fund

Our Projects & Programs

* Stuff the Bus school supply give away
* High School Art Show Projects
* Lend A Hand Foundation Annual Holiday Season Fundraiser
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Sending Donation by Mail

 Please make all checks payable to the Pegnim & Ivancich Youth Foundation and mail the check to:

Ivancich, Martin, & Costis Youth Foundation

3440 Hillcrest Ave., Suite 175

Antioch, CA 94531

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