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     The Ivancich, Martin, & Costis  Youth Foundation is proud to sponsor Marsh Elementary School.

     Bill Bolio, Principal of Marsh Elementary School contacted our foundation in 2011 seeking support for the school, its' students, teachers and staff. We pride ourselves on helping those on an "as needed basis", and it was clear to us that Marsh Elementary was indeed in need of help.

     Mr. Bolio informad us that nearly 90% of Marsh's students are on a Reduced or Free Lunch Program, because their parents cannot afford to send them to school with lunch. We also learned that Marsh has become a target of vandalism on a weekly basis. Vandalism takes place in specific classrooms and the same items are stolen almost every time. Mr Bolio states his worry for his teachers who's classrooms are vandlaized indicating that it is a form of abuse. These classrooms are private areas and it only confuses and disturbes the  students  who cannot  understand 

why this happens to them. These students are deserving of an education just as any other child and we decided to take steps to ensure that happens.

     The Ivancich, Martin, & Costis Youth Foundation has already been able to provide the students at Marsh Elementary with many gifts to help them on their way towards furthering their education. For Christmas in 2011, all of Marsh's 530+ students received a Holiday gift bag filled with school supplies and candy for the holidays. Additionally, on August 15th each student at Marsh Elemntary received a backpack filled with school supplies to use for the 2012/13 school year. Students in grades K-2 received backpacks filled with crayons, gluesticks, activity books and construction paper booklets. Students in grades 3-5 received backpacks filled with a box of pencils, a 1" binder, binder paper, and a notebook. 

 The Ivancich, Martin, & Costis Youth Foundation is also proud to say that it  contributed $10,000 towards a $17,000 project to have a Video Surveillance System installed on the school's campus.  This system will reduce the amount of vandalism that the school experiences and ensures the safety of the students and teachers in thier educational  environment. 

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