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     The Ivancich, Martin & Costis Youth Foundation feels very strongly that a child's education be well rounded. Having  noticed a rapid decline in the amount of Art courses that are offered to students by the time they reach high school, we have begun hosting Art Shows for local high schools in an effort to encourage young artists.

     The IMC Youth Foundation contacts local high schools in East CCC and has the school submit approximately 25 stdent pieces to be hung on the walls within the office. The office displays the artwork for 1-2 months and, during that period, the artwork is voted on by employees and clients coming to the office. At the end of the display period, We invite the students, their teachers and the Art Instructors to the office for an Art Show. The students have the opportunity to see their artwork displayed in a gallery style setting and the parents are overjoyed to see their child's artwork prominently displayed.

     Wanting to make these shows truly special, we make sure each student receives a prize as well as a Cerificate of Participation to be used for college applications or resumes. For those students receiving the most votes for their artwork, there are 1st, 2nd and 3rd place cash prizes. A short reception follows in which food and beverages are provided for all those in attendance and a speech is given encouraging the students to do their best work. To date, the Ivancich, Martin, & Costis Youth Foundation has hosted Art Shows for Freedom, Deer Valley, Antioch, Dozier-Libbey Medical and Pittsurg High Schools and this year we look forward to working with Antioch High Shcool. 

Winter Art Show 2011
Spring Art Show 2012
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